Welcome to our Homepage

We are a Christian couple with a mission. The desire of our heart is to see people finding a close, personal relationship with God, relying on both what He has already done and what He is still doing for us all. Our core message is the complete atonement through the cross of Jesus Christ, and salvation by faith, through the life-giving work of the Holy Spirit.

Through writings and seminars, and by visiting churches internationally, we wish to strengthen and encourage the Church of Christ all over the world. Our two little books, Children of God and Returning to Grace, can be downloaded from this site free of charge.

May the Lord bless you and always keep you in His care!

Markku & Johanna

Markku Sarento is an evangelist and a Lutheran minister from Finland who has worked with many churches and denominations. His wife Johanna has a call for prophetic prayer ministry. As a couple, they love to proclaim the gospel of Jesus and teach about reliance on God.