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The desire of our heart is to see people finding a close, personal relationship with God, relying on both what He has already done and what He is still doing for us. Therefore, we proclaim the full redemption given us through Jesus, and teach about the guidance and ongoing work of the Holy Spirit.

We have written two easy to read and yet profound little books on these themes. You haven't read anything quite like them before.

May the Lord bless you and always keep you in His care!

CHILDREN OF GOD is our testimony about God's love and faithfulness, a thrilling true story combined with fresh teachings from the Bible. Can you really depend on God when you have exhausted all your resources and have no one else to turn to? And even if you still have other options, would He rather have you rely on Him?

RETURNING TO GRACE is a truly groundbreaking discovery about the cross of Christ. As far as we know, it is the first book ever to point out how the teaching on the atonement in Jesus went terribly wrong in the fifth century. And why the subsequent theological teaching in every denomination tends to rob us of the freedom and peace we are meant to have in the Lord.

Markku Sarento is an itinerant evangelist and a Lutheran minister who has worked with many churches and denominations. His wife Johanna has a call for prophetic prayer ministry. As a couple, they love to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus and teach about reliance on God.