Returning to Grace

Did you know that for the past sixteen hundred years there has been something seriously wrong with the teaching about the forgiveness of God? That the true meaning of the cross of Jesus Christ has been severely blurred?

Returning to Grace is really something different: a groundbreaking discovery about God's love and grace given through Calvary. This little book will probably change your understanding on the atonement of Christ for ever. Indeed, it may well change your whole life.

Returning to Grace is available on Amazon and it can also be ordered through bookstores in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. (ISBN 978-952-498-460-7, 80 pages)

You can download the eBook from the link above.

Reader Feedback

  • "This book is so groundbreaking that I sometimes forgot to breath as I was reading it. Praise God, for He has started to tear down these human structures, allowing us to find Him. I am no scholar but thank God, I don't need to be! When the Holy Spirit speaks truth to us, we don't need to rely on our own understanding. I should go to work now, but my feet just want to dance! The Father is so wonderful!"
  • "The world looks different after reading it. Incomparable book on grace."
  • "I read it twice in the middle of the night. Thank you, such a great read! Now I can go to sleep rejoicing."
  • "I read the book twice in a row. It was like shackles were falling off. I realized I had been accustomed to think in a wrong way."
  • "Returning to Grace is an awesome book. It transforms your faith into new dimensions. What happened on the cross two thousand years ago? What is our position as believers? The book is mindblowing and unique, it opens up new things. Thank you, Jesus!"